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GraphPad InStat 3​​​​


Most statistics programs are designed by statisticians, for statisticians. These programs are feature-packed and powerful, but can overwhelm scientists with thick manuals, obscure statistical jargon and high prices. GraphPad InStat is different. InStat is designed by a scientist for scientists. With InStat, even a statistical novice can analyze data in just a few minutes. Try InStat for statistics without all the fuss. 

InStat guides you step by step​​

InStat conquers the learning curve by escorting you through statistical analyses. You'll master the program in just a few minutes – really. 

Clear analysis choices with explanations​​

You don't have to know the name of the test you need. InStat helps you pick an appropriate test by asking questions about your data. If you are unsure, consult the extensive help screens, which explain the statistical reasoning in plain language. 

Easy to un​​derstand results

InStat does not assume that you are a statistics whiz. It presents results in simple paragraphs, with a minimum of statistical jargon. InStat's help screens review the use of each test and explain every portion of the results. 

​​Unique analysis checklists

With other statistics software, it is too easy to get the right answer to the wrong question. That's why InStat provides a unique analysis checklist. Double-check that your data have not violated any assumptions of the test, and that you have picked a test that matches your experimental design and really answers the question you had in mind. 

A bargain

Most other statistics programs cost several hundred dollars, but we've made InStat affordable for everyone. InStat costs only $149 for single copies, with discounts for academic institutions and students.

大多數的統計軟體是由統計學家設計,這些軟體功能豐富而強大,但卻相對的困難複雜。但 GraphPad InStat 是不同的,即使是新手也可以在短短幾分鐘內使用 InStat 來做出完整的統計分析數據。

InStat 的引導您克服統計分析的學習曲線。你會在短短幾分鐘內掌握軟體操作。

你不必知道你需要測試的名稱。InStat 幫助您透過有關數據選擇一個合適的測試。如果您不確定也可以透過幫助程序,作出統計分析。

InStat 專為初學者設計,它設計了簡單的段落和結果,用最少的統計流程來得出細緻的結果。

InStat 提供了一個獨特的分析檢查表,仔細檢查您的數據違反試驗的任何假設,讓您能快速地得到正確精準的資料。​