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Greyscalegorilla 影像特效工具​


我們熱愛運動設計。 Greyscalegorilla 是一家成立於和為運動設計社區的公司。 我們相信創造工具和內容,幫助運動設計師在每一個級別。 

我們希望通過創建易於理解的教程和培訓,使學習更容易獲得和有效,這些教學和培訓不僅顯示了推動哪些按鈕。 我們還致力於開發工具,以簡化您的創意工作流程,並幫助刪除繁瑣和重複性的任務,以便花更多時間創造出優秀的工作。

We're passionate about Motion Design. Greyscalegorilla is a company founded in and for the motion design community. We believe in creating tools and content that help motion designers at every level. 

We want to make learning more accessible and effective by creating easy-to-follow tutorials and training that show you way more than just what buttons to push. We also work to develop tools to streamline your creative workflow and to help remove tedious and repetitive tasks so you can spend more time creating great work.