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Guitar & Drum Trainer 音樂學習軟體​​


Guitar & Drum Trainer​​​

Guitar & Drum Trainer slows down music without changing the pitch to help learn and transcribe music faster and easier. 

Slow Down and Pitch Shift Music​

With Guitar & Drum Trainer, you can learn or transcribe music faster and easier. It's modern ease-of-use design still packs power for the most demanding professional musicians. 

Learn Any Musical Style​​

For rock, blues, country, baroque, classical, punk, dance, folk or whatever musical style you play, Guitar & Drum Trainer helps you to learn them all. By slowing down the music, you can more easily hear it and pick out the notes and chords. ​​​

Learn Any Musical Instrument​

More than just for guitars and drums, Guitar & Drum Trainer works for any instrument. Ukelele, violin, piano, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, timpani… From accordian and banjo to xylophone and zither, you can learn any instrument easier and faster. 

For All Levels of Musicians​​

Music students can learn their favorite songs at a more comfortable, slower pace, while professional musicians can do more in less time. No matter what your skill level is, Guitar & Drum Trainer works for everyone. ​

For Singers & Dancers Too​​​

If you don't play a musical instrument, but you sing or dance, Guitar & Drum Trainer can help you there as well. Singers can remove vocals from tracks for karaoke practice, or pitch shift songs to bring them into range. Dancers can slow down difficult passages to help nail down dance steps, or to build strength and dexterity. 

Top 5 Helpful Tools

Learn or transcribe music faster and easier with these top most useful features:

  • Slowing Music Down
  • Pitch Shifting to Transpose Music
  • Looping Song Verses, Solos and Riffs
  • Removing Vocals and Instruments from Music
  • Saving Slowed Songs for Other Music Players

Guitar & Drum Trainer 能將音樂減慢協助您學習,且不會改變音高,讓您學習和錄製音樂更快更容易。 


Guitar & Drum Trainer 可以容易地將音樂減速或移調,這對老師教學或自主學習音樂上有很大的幫助。 


對於搖滾、藍調、鄉村、巴洛克、古典、龐克、舞蹈、民俗或其他任何音樂風格都可以任你玩,Guitar & Drum Trainer 可以幫助您了解所有的音樂類型。透過放慢音樂,你可以更容易地聽到它,並挑選出的音符與和弦。 


不僅僅是吉他和鼓,Guitar & Drum Trainer 適用於任何樂器。小提琴、鋼琴、小號、薩克斯、單簧管、定音鼓、、手風琴以及木琴和古箏,都可以透過此軟體來學習。 


音樂領域的學生可以在一個更舒適、或緩慢的進度學習自己喜愛的歌曲,而專業的音樂家可以用更少的時間來做更多的事。無論您的水平是什麼,Guitar & Drum Trainer 都能有效的幫助您。 


如果不玩樂器,但您唱歌或跳舞,Guitar & Drum Trainer 也很適合您。歌手可以運用此軟體做卡拉練習,或藉此來做音調切換。舞者可以減緩困難的段落,以做出更明確的舞步。​