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Helix3 Enterprise 數位鑑識軟體


Helix3 企業版是一個易於使用的網絡安全解決方案,讓您在您的網絡整個基礎架構透露出的惡意活動,例如互聯網濫用,數據共享和騷擾的知名度。 H3E 還可以隔離和事件或威脅迅速,且無需用戶檢測通過中央管理工具做出響應。

Helix3 企業板可以讓您快速檢測,識別,分析,保存和報告給你的證據來揭示真相,並保護您的業務​

Helix3 Enterprise is an easy to use cyber security solution integrated into your network giving you visibility across your entire infrastructure revealing malicious activities such as Internet abuse, data sharing and harassment.  H3E also allows you to isolate and respond to incidents or threats quickly and without user detection through a central administration tool.  

Helix3 Enterprise allows you to quickly Detect, Identify, Analyze, Preserve and Report giving you the evidence to reveal the truth and protect your business.