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HSC Chemistry 化學計算軟體​​


Outotec's Chemical Reaction and Equilibrium Software HSC Chemistry is the world's favorite thermochemical software with a versatile flowsheet simulation module. HSC is designed for various kinds of chemical reactions and equilibria calculations as well as process simulation.


HSC software makes conventional thermodynamic calculations fast and easy to carry out with personal computers. Therefore HSC has a wide range of applications in scientific education, industry and research. Thermochemical calculations are useful, for example, when developing new chemical processes and improving old ones. HSC Chemistry is also a useful tool for universities and schools in chemical practicals and studies.

Traditionally, thermodynamic calculations based on experimental or assessed data have utilized stability functions in various thermodynamic data books and papers in scientific journals. The difficult searching stage and complicated calculations, as well as inconsistencies arising from different selections of standard and reference states, have made this calculation procedure quite time-consuming.

HSC Chemistry offers powerful calculation methods for studying the effects of different variables on a chemical system at equilibrium. For example, if the user gives the raw materials, amounts and other conditions of almost any chemical process, the program will give the amounts of the product as a result. HSC also makes heat and material balance calculations of different processes much more easily than any manual method. The Eh-pH-diagrams option also offers a very fast way of studying the dissolution and corrosion behavior of different materials.

Of course, HSC cannot solve all chemical problems, because it does not take into account the kinetics (rates) of the chemical reactions. However, in many cases it is a very inexpensive and useful tool which helps to find the optimal reaction conditions and yields for experimental investigations without expensive trial-and-error chemistry.

HSC Chemistry 是世界上最受歡迎的通用流程模擬、熱化學軟體。HSC 設計用於各種化學反應和平衡的計算以及過程模擬。


HSC 軟件使得傳統熱力學計算速度快,容易在電腦上進行計算。HSC 具有廣泛的科學教育、工業和研究應用。對開發新的化學過程和改進熱化學計算非常實用,因此,HSC 也是化工實習和研究大學有用的工具。


但 HSC 提供了在平衡研究化學系統上不同變量強大的計算方法。HSC 也使得不同工料熱量和物料平衡計算變得更容易許多。對 EH-pH 值圖表選項還提供了研究不同材料的溶解和腐蝕行為的方式。​