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HTTP Analyzer 數據流分析工具


需要一個工具,可以作為 HTTP 監視器,HTTP 嗅探​​器和 HTTP 跟踪器? 

IEInspector HTTP Analyzer 是一個方便的工具,允許您實時監視,跟蹤,調適和分析 HTTP / HTTPS 流量。它被包括微軟,思科,AOL 和谷歌在內的行業領先公司使用。 

HTTP 分析器包括兩個版本---獨立版和附​​加版。 

獨立版:窗口獨立 EXE 應用程序。它允許您捕獲和查看來自特定進程或用戶/會話/系統範圍的 HTTP / HTTPS 流量。支持 IE,Safari,Firefox 等 Win32 Web 應用程序。 

附加版:附加組件集成到 IE 或 Firefox 窗口的下部,可以從IE或Firefox工具欄打開/關閉。它只能捕獲和查看當前 IE 或 Firefox 進程的 HTTP / HTTPS 流量。​​

Need a tool which can serve as HTTP monitor, HTTP sniffer and H​TTP Tracer? 

IEInspector HTTP Analyzer is such a handy tool that allows you to monitor, trace, debug and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It is used by industry-leading companies including Microsoft, Cisco, AOL and Google. 

​HTTP Analyzer includes two Editions---Stand-alone Edition and Add-on Edition. 

Stand-alone Edition : Window stand-alone EXE application. It allows you to capture and view HTTP/HTTPS traffic from a specific process or user/session/system wide. Support IE, Safari, Firefox and other win32 web application. 

Add-on Edition: An add-on that integrates into the lower part of your IE  or Firefox window and can be opened/closed from the IE or Firefox toolbar. It can only capture and view HTTP/HTTPS traffic of current IE or Firefox process.