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HttpWatch 10​


Seamless Web Page Debu​​gging

HttpWatch integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to show you the HTTP and HTTPS traffic that is generated when you access a web page.

Fast, Easy Access to Cookies, Header​​s & More...

Select a request in HttpWatch and everything you need to know is display in a tabbed window. Cookies, Headers, Query Strings and POST data can be quickly viewed, searched and exported to other formats.

Understand HTTP Headers Without Being An​ Expert

You don't have to be an HTTP expert or have read the HTTP RFC to understand headers. Simply hold the mouse pointer over a header and a data tip explains how it is used.

Handle Multi-Page Scenarios With Page Group​ing

HttpWatch groups together requests within a heading for each page making it much easier to understand multi-page steps, e.g. log in, search and update pages. ​


HttpWatch與Internet Explorer和Firefox瀏覽器集成,以顯示在訪問網頁時生成的HTTP和HTTPS流量。


在HttpWatch中選擇一個請求,你需要知道的一切都顯示在標籤窗口中。 Cookie,標題,查詢字符串和POST數據可以快速查看,搜索和導出為其他格式。


您不必是HTTP專家或已閱讀HTTP RFC以了解標題。 只需將鼠標指針停留在標題上,並提供數據提示,說明如何使用它。


HttpWatch將每個網頁的標題中的請求組合在一起,使其更容易理解多網頁的步驟,例如 登錄,搜索和更新頁面。​