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IDEA 數據分析暨審計軟體

無論你是一個審計人員,會計師或財務專業,數據分析是一個挑戰。從許多來源和在格式做各種各樣編譯是耗時的,並增加被錯誤的風險。幸運的是有 IDEA®,全面,功能強大且易於使用的數據分析工具,快速分析您的數據,保證了數據的 100%完整性,並加速您的分析,更快,更有效的審計。 IDEA 提供了超過 100 個審計相關的任務,以滿足您的分析需求,從進口分析報告。只需幾個簡單的點擊就可以查看多個數據集為一體,讓你看到大局。 

Whether you're an auditor, accountant or finance professional, data analysis is a challenge. Compiling information from numerous sources and in a wide array of formats is time consuming, and increases the risk of errors being introduced. Luckily there’s IDEA®, a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use data analysis tool that quickly analyzes 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and speeds your analysis, paving the way to faster, more effective audits. IDEA offers more than 100 audit-relevant tasks to meet all of your analytic needs, from import to analysis to reporting. With just a few easy clicks you can view multiple data sets as one, letting you see the big picture and focusing your search by identifying relationships, patterns, outliers and anomalies within your data.  -