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INGEAR 連結平台軟體


全球的大公司到小公司使用 INGEAR.NET 通信工具和 Visual Studio .NET 來減少軟體運行許可證費;顯著地減少了他們的軟件成本。

不像 OPC,這是呈現複雜和挑戰性的應用研究與開發用於 .NET 程序應用。 INGEAR.NET 是一個嵌入式類庫,它提供了一個直接的溝通管道輸送到控制器,使得它非常快速和容易溝通的 PLC 沒有軟件開發費用或 OPC 服務器的經常性費用。

Large corporations to small companies world-wide significantly reduced their software costs by eliminating runtime license fee's using INGEAR.NET communication tools and Visual Studio .NET. 

Unlike OPC, which is a middleware application that presents complex and challenging application developement for .NET programmers. INGEAR.NET is an embedded class library that provides a direct communications pipeline to the controller, making it extremely fast and easy to talk to your PLC without the software overhead or recurring costs of OPC servers.