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​ionCube PHP Encoder, PH程式碼加密軟體


有三個版本的PHP ionCube編碼器(Basic, Pro and Cerberus)使用模糊字碼,加上非PHP文件可選擇是否要加密碼。 Pro and Cerberus版本還包括PHP授權許可功能的到期時間,並限制在那裡代碼可以使用,允許授權模式是有效且易於實現。

Three editions of the ionCube PHP Encoder (Basic, Pro and Cerberus) all offer compiled PHP encoding using obfuscated bytecode, plus optional encryption of non-PHP files. Pro and Cerberus also include PHP licensing features for time expiry and restricting where code can be used, allowing licensing models to be effectively and easily implemented.