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Jasob 網頁加密軟體


There are many sources where JavaScript and CSS code could be found. Jasob is capable of reading JavaScript/CSS code from the following file types:

  • JavaScript Files (.js)
  • HTML Files (.htm, .html)
  • XHTML Files (.xht, .xhtm, .xhtml)
  • Server Side Includes Files (.shtm, .shtml)
  • ASP Files (.asp)
  • ASP.NET Files (.aspx, .ascx)
  • ATL Server Files (.srf)
  • PHP Files (.php, .php3, .php4, .php5)
  • JSP Files (.jsp, .jspf)
  • JSP Document Files (.jspx)
  • XML Files (.xml, .xsd)
  • XSLT Files (.xsl, .xslt)
  • Cold Fusion Files (.cfm)
  • ePerl Files (.iphtml)
  • CSS Files (.css)

Plus, you can define your own file types or edit existing file types. You can also customize settings for each individual opened file.

有很多來源可以找到JavaScript和CSS代碼。 Jasob能夠從以下文件類型讀取JavaScript / CSS代碼:

  • HTML文件(.htm,.html)
  • XHTML文件(.xht,.xhtm,.xhtml)
  • 服務器端包括文件(.shtm,.shtml)
  • ASP文件(.asp)
  • ASP.NET文件(.aspx,.ascx)
  • ATL服務器文件(.srf)
  • PHP文件(.php,.php3,.php4,.php5)
  • JSP文件(.jsp,.jspf)
  • JSP文檔文件(.jspx)
  • XML文件(.xml,.xsd)
  • XSLT文件(.xsl,.xslt)
  • 冷融合文件(.cfm)
  • ePerl文件(.iphtml)
  • CSS文件(.css)