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JBuilder 程式開發工具


JBuilder's code profiling and performance tuning tools, which include the ability to profile Web applications, enable Java developers to deliver high performing, scalable applications. With the built-in audits and metrics, you can measure the overall quality of the object design, the complexity and cohesion between objects, the extent of test coverage, and many other factors to help pinpoint potential maintenance, quality and performance issues.

JBuilder 支援 RMI/COBRA系統,透過這些分散式系統,可以將舊有的系統轉移到web上,讓你的舊有的投資,不至被時代所淘汱。而且 Java 本身豐富的功能,可以讓你毫無限制地提供你任何想要的功能,例如有名的 Yahoo 所開發的線上聊天系統,便是以 Java 寫成。