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Joe Alter Shave And A Haircut 毛髮特效插件



  • BEAUTIFUL: Make beautiful things.
  • TEXTURE: Most all of Shave's parameters respond to texture maps, (including dynamics properties). This can be very useful for increasing realism.
  • COMBING: In addition to texturing, Shave and a Haircut controls hair with several types of guides.
  • RENDERING: In addition to supporting various renders like Vray, Renderman, Mentalray and Arnold, which all have hair primitives, we also support the Maya render, which has no hair primitives.
  • RIGGING/DYNAMICS: There is very little to rig with Shave. Surface grown hairs just follow the surface dynamically, you can even preview the dynamics by turning on live mode and shaking it around while you adjust parameters.


  • 美麗:製作美麗的事物
  • 質地:大多數 Shave 的參數響應紋理貼圖(包括動力學屬性)。對於增加現實主義非常有用。
  • 組合:除了紋理,剃須和理髮控制頭髮與幾種類型的指南。
  • 渲染:除了支持像 Vray,Renderman,Mentalray 和 Arnold 這樣的各種渲染器,它們都有頭髮基元,我們還支援Maya 渲染器,它沒有頭髮基元。
  • 裝配/動力學:​有很少的剃須與鑽機。 表面生長的頭髮只是動態地跟隨表面,你甚至可以通過打開現場模式和搖動它周圍,而你調整參數預覽動態。