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LEAP-5 設計音樂軟體


LEAP-5 is here! Encompassing more than 3 years of Research & Development and over 1 million lines of code, the world's most respected loudspeaker development tool has just taken a quantum leap. The transformation from LEAP-4 is far more than a simple change from DOS to Windows. The software was re-written from the ground up with major advancements in technology and capabilities.

The software now consists of two separate applications: EnclosureShop andCrossoverShop. EnclosureShop handles the transducer modeling and enclosure design, while CrossoverShop provides the tools to design your filter topologies based on measured response data. Together, the two programs form a complete design and analysis package for the development of loudspeaker enclosures and their crossovers. They provide virtually all of the tools necessary to design precision loudspeaker systems for today's demanding audio markets.
Whether your applications are consumer audio, car stereo, professional audio, or custom esoteric marvels, LEAP provides the power, flexibility, and accuracy to investigate every possible design permutation. The open architecture and broad spectrum of features will dramatically reduce your development time, while improving the quality of the final result, and demonstrates why LEAP has become the #1 choice of professional loudspeaker designers worldwide. With an incredible array of features and functions, many of which are newly developed technology, EnclosureShop and CrossoverShop are certain to become the new industry standard for the 21st century.