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Liquid XML Studio XML開發環境軟體


Liquid XML Studio is an advanced graphical XML development environment and Web Services Toolkit. It is available in three editions Starter, Editor and Designer, to suit your specific requirements.

Starter E​​dition

Ideal for Home or Educational users who wish create simple XML messages and work with existing Schema.

Editor Edition

Ideal for Data Editors and Testers who are working with complex XML Schema.

Designer Edition (Reco​mmended)

Ideal for Data Analysts, Designers, System Integrators and Testers who are working with complex XML Schema and multiple data sources.

Liquid XML Studio 是一種高階圖形化 XML 開發環境和Web Services工具套件。 它有三種版本:入門、編輯和設計人員, 以符合您的特定需求。


適合家庭或教育訓練使用者想要建立簡易 XML 訊息及使用現有架構。


適合使用複雜 XML Schema的資料編輯者及測試者。

設計師版 (推薦)​

適合資料分析師、設計師、系統整合商及測試者在使用複雜 XML Schema 和多來源的資料。​​​