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​​​LogXact 無母數分析軟體 ​​​​logxact0.jpg

LogtXact 針對多變數的迴歸分析提供簡單和精確的解決方案。 

The complexity of conducting regression analysis over multiple covariates is well-documented. The challenge only intensifies when coupled with small sample sizes or missing data sets. LogXact aims to provide simple and accurate solutions for such difficulties.

LogXact can handle many varieties of response data including continuous and binary, polytonomous, count, and missing data. Users of the software can be confident of in their results derived from LogXact’s advanced regression techniques.

LogXact  offers pioneering methods in exact inference and regression modeling to provide rapid and accurate analysis. Powerful algorithms are built to analyze stratified and unstratified data sets of all sizes. Cytel-developed algorithms are carefully tested, highly validated in practice, and compliant the guidance found in the FDA's CFR Part 11.

LogXact continues to set the standard in all facets of regression modeling using exact inference. It is the first to offer the widely acclaimed PMLE procedure that minimizes separation bias while exhibiting significantly lower error rates compared to typical maximum likelihood estimators.