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MAGIX Music Maker 酷樂大師​


Full of ideas to help inspire true creativity. MAGIX Music Maker contains a whole range of options to make music production and even live performances as simple as possible. Even as an absolute beginner, right from the start you can use drag & drop controls to make hip-hop beats and techno tracks that sound authentic, harmonic and professional. Easily compose your own melodies and chords with the MIDI editor - you don't even need to be able to read music. No matter what kind of music you want to make, Music Maker offers you true creative freedom - and tons of fun.

Music Maker Live combines the original features of Music Maker with innovative concepts such virtual pad controls, the free MAGIX Audio Remote app and a USB pad controller developed specifically for the program. Live Pad mode is great for making music - and you'll have tons of fun in the process too. It lets you produce your own songs (e.g. Hip Hop, Trap, Techno and EDM) intuitively and quickly.


充滿了啟發真正的創造力的想法。 MAGIX Music Maker 包含了各種選項,使音樂製作甚至是現場表演盡可能簡單呈現。即使作為一個絕對的初學者,從一開始,你可以使用拖放控制,使嘻哈節拍和技術軌道聲音正宗,和諧和專業。 使用 MIDI 編輯器輕鬆編寫您自己的旋律和和弦 - 您甚至不需要會閱讀音樂。 無論你想要什麼樣的音樂,MAGIX Music Maker 為您提供真正的創意自由 - 和噸的樂趣。

Music Maker Live 結合了 Music Maker 的原創功能和創新的概念,如虛擬鍵盤控制,免費的 MAGIX Audio Remote 應用程序和專為該程序開發的 USB Pad 控制器。 動態墊模式是偉大的製作音樂 - 你會有很多的樂趣在過程中。 它可以直觀、快速地製作您自己的歌曲 (例如嘻哈,Trap,Techno和EDM)。