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​​​​Mapublisher 地圖軟體​


Finally, high-quality map production software that works. MAPublisher® cartography software seamlessly integrates over fifty GIS mapping tools into the Adobe Illustrator environment to help you create maps the way you want, how you want.

Import the most widely used GIS data formats, including those from Esri, MapInfo, FME Desktop, AutoCAD, Google and the U.S. Government. Export data to a wide variety of standard GIS formats including the ability to export documents to geospatial PDF and take them mobile with the PDF Maps iOS app. See all MAPublisher supported formats.

All GIS data attributes and geographic parameters are maintained and editable. Use MAPublisher tools to create, query, and select features and attributes.

MAPublisher supports Esri ArcGIS 10 geodatabases and ArcMap document (MXD) files*. Connect to Personal, File and ArcSDE geodatabases with ease. Learn more about geodatabase support in MAPublisher.

Cartography with MAPublisher is now faster, easier, and better than it has ever been. When used together with Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop, they form the perfect vector and raster map creation software package for the Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite.​

MAPublisher 是高品質的地圖製作軟體。 MAPublisher 整合了超過五十種 GIS 製圖工具,並可共用至 Adobe Illustrator 環境,幫助您以想要的方式創建地圖。

導入最廣泛使用的 GIS 數據格式,包括來自 ESRI 公司的 MapInfo,FME,AutoCAD。並將數據導出到各種標準的 GIS 格式,可以以文檔導出為 PDF 格式,並可以在 iOS 應用。


MAPublisher 支援 ESRI 的 ArcGIS 10 中地理數據庫和 ArcMap 文檔 (MXD) 文件。

MAPublisher 更快,更容易,而且比以往任何時候更方便與 Adobe Photoshop 的地理成像儀一起使用時。