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Mathcad 數學及符號運算軟體


Mathcad 的是工程數學軟件,讓你解決,分析和分享您最重要的計算。

一個易於使用的界面,數學符號,單位智能和強大的工程計算能力範圍內提出讓工程師和設計團隊交流工程數學,關鍵的設計參數和整體工程知識。 PTC 的 Mathcad 是技術計算軟體。它集成了這些可讀,實時計算與繪圖,圖形,文字和圖像到一個單一,互動性和專業水準的文檔。這便於工程的筆記本和熟悉使設計探索,驗證和確認,以及關鍵工程信息的清晰的溝通。

Mathcad is Engineering Math Software That Allows You to Solve, Analyze and Share Your Most Vital Calculations. 

Presented within an easy-to-use interface, its live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful engineering calculation capabilities allow engineers and design teams to capture and communicate engineering mathematics, critical design parameters and overall engineering knowledge. PTC Mathcad is technical computing software that does what spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software, and programming applications simply cannot do — it brings powerful engineering calculation capabilities into human-readable form. It integrates these readable, live calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images into a single, interactive, and professionally presented document. This ease and familiarity of an engineering notebook enables design exploration, validation and verification, and the clear communication of critical engineering information. You don't need to be a PTC Mathcad expert to read and understand PTC Mathcad documents. - See more at: