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​​MathEdit 數學符號編輯軟體




MathEdit is an interactive visual mathematical expression editor. Running in a Web browser, it allows you to create and edit mathematical expressions with a convenient and intuitive graphical user interface. With MathEdit, users can easily enter mathematical expressions as answers to questions in mathematics lesson pages for example. Web page authors can also use MathEdit to create mathematical expressions to be included in their XHTML documents. Figure 1 shows the MathEdit authoring environment.

MathEdit is implemented in standard JavaScript and DOM. MathEdit runs within any standard Web browser that supports JavaScript and DOM.

The current version is MathEdit V3.0.

Main Functionalities

While its main function is the interactive creation and editing of arbitrary mathematical expressions, MathEdit also provides other important capabilities.

The following lists the most important functionalities.
  • Create a new or edit an existing mathematical expression interactively with a convenient GUI
  • Direct editing of MathML code
  • Set mathematical expression format and style
  • Customize toolbar, palette and expression template
  • Import/Export MathML
  • Capture and retrieve the MathML markup from other applications or webpage.
  • Open an existing MathML file stored in the local file system or at the originating Web server
  • Save MathML in a local or remote file
Return the result mathematical encoding (content, presentation, and composite) to the parent window​