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MathMagic Pro 數學符號軟體



MathMagic Personal Edition is a stand-alone equation editor application for editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with easy-to-use graphical interface and various powerful features. MathMagic Personal Edition works well with any word processors, presentation software like Keynote or PowerPoint, DTP layout software like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. 

Easy User Interface​​

  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG editor with auto formatting
  • Well organized palettes of Templates and Symbols
  • Beautiful interface + Beautiful equations 

Incredible Productivity​

  • Clipping window and toolbars
  • Many predefined keyboard shortcuts
  • User definable shortcuts for Clips & User items
  • Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste to other applications
  • Multiple Undo/Redo, View rate up to 3200%
  • Multiple StyleSets for group-wide sharing of settings 

Powerful + Customizable Features​

  • Fine adjustment for template shapes, gaps, and locations
  • Variety of Fonts bundled and all System fonts supported
  • EPS, PICT, WMF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, TeX, PDF support for compatibility with other software
  • Multiple Units and high resolution upto 2300dpi for DTP users

​For all users

  • Students, Teachers, Professors, Researchers, Engineers, Editors, Publishers,... 
  • No learning curve for beginners. It is just like another word processor.
  • Everybody can start creating equations in seconds.
  • Powerful and flexible features for Power users to boost up their productivity as well. ​

MathMagic 個人版是為編輯任何數學表達式和符號設計的軟體,具有易於使用的圖形界面和各種強大獨立功能的公式編輯器。MathMagic 個人版效果很好且與任何文字處理、演示軟件、如 Keynote、PowerPoint、DTP,排版軟件如 Adobe InDesign 或 QuarkXPress。 


  • 直觀的圖形用戶界面
  • 所見即所得的編輯器,支持自動格式
  • 模板和符號的組織良好的調色板
  • 漂亮的界面和漂亮的方程式 


  • 裁剪窗口和工具欄
  • 許多預 定義的鍵盤快捷鍵
  • 剪輯和用戶項目用戶可自定義的快捷鍵
  • 拖放、複製和粘貼到其它應用程序
  • 多重撤銷/重做,收視率高達 3,200%
  • 對於設置全集團共享多 StyleSets 


  • 微調模板的形狀,差距和地點
  • 字體的各種捆綁和支持的所有系統字體
  • EPS,PICT,WMF,GIF,JPEG,TIFF,TeX 的,與其他軟件的兼容性支持 PDF
  • 多個單位和高分辨率高達 2,300 dpi 的 DTP 用戶