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MediaLab 多媒體實驗軟體


The Media Lab opened the doors to its I.M. Pei-designed Wiesner Building in 1985, and in its first decade was at the vanguard of the technology that enabled the digital revolution and enhanced human expression: innovative research ranging from cognition and learning, to electronic music, to holography. In its second decade, the Lab literally took computing out of the box, embedding the bits of the digital realm with the atoms of our physical world. 

This led to expanded research in wearable computing, wireless "viral" communications, machines with common sense, new forms of artistic expression, and innovative approaches to how children learn.

Now, in its fourth decade, the Media Lab continues to check traditional disciplines at the door. Product designers, nanotechnologists, data-visualization experts, industry researchers, and pioneers of computer interfaces work side by side to invent—and reinvent—how humans experience, and can be aided by, technology.


媒體實驗室於 1985 年在其設計的威斯納大廈開設了大門,在其第一個十年是技術的先鋒,使數字革命和增強的人類表達:從認知和學習到電子音樂的創新研究 ,到全息術。 在第二個十年裡,實驗室從頭開始計算,將數字領域的位與物理世界的原子嵌入。 


現在,在其第四個十年,媒體實驗室繼續檢查門的傳統學科。 產品設計師,納米技術人員,數據可視化專家,行業研究人員和計算機接口的先驅者並肩工作,發明和重塑人類如何體驗和技術支持。