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Microshield 輻射劑量評估軟體


MicroShield® is a comprehensive photon/gamma ray shielding and dose assessment program that is widely used for designing shields, estimating source strength from radiation measurements, minimizing exposure to people, and teaching shielding principles.

MicroShield® is useful to health physicists, waste managers, design engineers, and radiological engineers and only requires a basic knowledge of radiation and shielding principles.

MicroShield® is fully interactive and utilizes extensive input error checking. Integrated tools provide graphing of results, material and source file creation, source inference with decay (dose-to-Ci calculations accounting for decay and daughter buildup), projection of exposure rate versus time as a result of decay, access to material and nuclide data, and decay heat calculations.

MicroShield® 是一種全面的光子/γ 射線屏蔽和劑量評估程序,廣泛用於設計屏蔽,從輻射測量估計源強度,最小化對人的暴露以及教導屏蔽原理。

MicroShield® 對健康物理學家,廢物管理者,設計工程師和放射性工程師是很有用,只需要了解輻射和屏蔽原理的基本知識即可使用。

MicroShield® 是完全交互式的,並利用廣泛的輸入錯誤檢查。 集成工具提供結果,材料和源文件創建的圖形化,具有衰變的源推斷(對於衰變和子體積累的劑量對 C 1計算),由於衰變,材料和核素數據的獲得的曝光率對時間的投影,和衰變熱計算。