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​Miner 3D 視覺化採礦資料分析軟體


Miner3D 是一款視覺化的資料分析軟體。協助您探索在您資料中未知即被隱藏的部分。發現原始資料可能漏掉的趨勢及相關性。

Miner3D 可協助您加快在各項工作中的資料分析及在短時間取得更好的決策。
Miner3D 就是一款可將您的資料轉換成知識的工具。

Miner3D 可以做到:

  • See deeper. Act faster.

    Spot unexpected challenges and opportunities buried in your Big Data sources.
    Users often analyze data looking for an answer to a specific question. Miner3D visualization helps users to easily uncover answers to many initial questions. It also reveals unexpected trends, patterns, and outliers that may also stay hidden in data.
    Discover what others can’t. Make better-informed decisions, faster than anyone else.
  • Data Analytics for Everyone

    Data analysis made easy. Break yourself free and feel the power of freely exploring data, visual way.
    Leverage a single analytics tool to empower anyone in your team to make decisions based on best possible information.
    Accelerate decision making process and reduce dependence on IT or statistics gurus.
  • Applications & Solutions

    Miner3D data visualization technology has been sucessfully used in pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty chemical R&D, investment and financial firms, distribution and logistics, geological research, oil exploration, health care and in many other areas. 
    All these industries have one thing common. They try to survive in strengthening outer conditions under a tougher competition. 
    Consider ever increasing data information overload, information complexity and also demanding regulatory requirements or globalization processes. 
    Successful companies understand that efficient data analytics and business intelligence are their best partners.​