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Mount Image Pro 網路工具軟體

  • Map images as a single drive letter to explore "Unused/Non partitioned" disk space or map specific drive letters to any or all partitions within the image files.
  • Use third party tools without the need to restore images to another PC. Now you can develop or use your own tools without the limitations a scripting language.
  • You do not need to have EnCase installed nor do your require an EnCase dongle to use Mount Image Pro. This gives you and your clients total flexibility when dealing with EnCase evidence files.

  • 地圖圖像作為一個單一的驅動器符號,探討 "未使用 / 未分區的" 磁盤空間或地圖的圖像文件內的特定盤符或所有分區 
  • 使用第三方工具,而無需映像還原到另一台 ​PC,您可以開發或使用自己的工具而不侷限於手稿語言 
  • 你不需要有安裝 EnCase 也不需要 EnCase dongle 就能夠使用本產品,這使您和您的客戶在處理 EnCase 文件時擁有很大的彈性