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MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet Pro​​​​​​ 材料安全性資料表管理​​​​


Storing, updating and retrieving MSDS documents can be difficult and expensive. With MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet Pro (DFC Pro), you'll have instant access to the documents you need, when you need them. We'll help you easily meet OSHA requirements on chemical safety information while eliminating on-site storage of paper files. This means significant cost and time savings. An intuitive interface makes it easy for even the most casual user. And you can make access available to anyone on your network.

No more searching through binders of documents and replacing outdated MSDS paper files. Digital Filing Cabinet automatically generates vendor request letters when the MSDS expires, keeping your document files continually up to date.

The MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet easily integrates with our CIS Chemical Inventory System Pro, the most sophisticated chemical inventory system on the market. Developed by chemists, for chemists, our systems deliver tools that make it easy to stay in compliance and be ready for emergencies.

With MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet Pro you can:

  • Store an unlimited number of MSDS and related documents
  • Centralize your MSDS so only one source needs to be updated
  • Store MSDS Pages as images for fast display and printing
  • Easily access or filter a wide range of information on all products
  • Set your own classifications for grouping products
  • Populate the system in seven different ways, according to your needs

存儲、更新和檢索 MSDS 文件可能是困難和昂貴的。但是隨著 MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet Pro,它能幫助您輕鬆滿足化學安全信息的要求。這可以顯著節省成本和時間並提供一個直觀的界面。

MSDS 數位文件可以與目前市場上最先進的化學庫 CIS 做整合。此系統提供的工具,可以很容易地保持合規性,並以備急用。

藉由 MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet Pro,您可以:

  • 儲存無限制數量的MSDS及相關文件
  • 集中你的MSDS,只需更新一個來源
  • 儲存MSDS網頁作為快速顯示和打印圖像
  • 輕鬆訪問或過濾所有產品的廣泛信息
  • 設置您自己的產品分類依據