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​​​​MSEW 大地工程軟體​​


MSEW (3.0) is an interactive program for the design and analysis of mechanically stabilized earth walls. It follows the design guidelines of AASHTO98/Demo 82, AASHTO02/FHWA-NHI-00-043, AASHTO 2007-2010, or NCMA97/98. Note that AASHTO98/02 is based on allowable stress design (ASD) whereas AASHTO 2007-2010 is based on load resistance factor design (LRFD). NCMA is limited to geosynthetic reinforced segmental retaining walls (SRW). Although the program generally follows the guidelines of established design procedures, the user can explore design options and concepts beyond the formal guidelines; the user can override all default values. Such exploration is useful for the development of new systems as well as the occasional need to conduct forensic study.

MSEW (3.0) allows for global stability analysis using Bishop method with circular arc. For more in-depth and efficient global analysis, MSEW (3.0) can export data files for analysis using ReSSA (2.0). The exported data includes elements such as connection strength thus facilitating a more comprehensive stability analysis for which ReSSA is ideal. Furthermore, by a click of a button, virtually all tables in MSEW (3.0) can be exported to Excel or be printed. Files generated using MSEW (2.0) can be read using MSEW (3.0). The same applied to database files.

MSEW 是用於機械穩定土壁設計和分析的交互式軟體。它遵循 AASHTO98/Demo 82, AASHTO02/FHWA-NHI-00-043, AASHTO 2007-2010, or NCMA97/98 的設計只能。需要注意的是 AASHTO98 / 02 是基於而2007 - 2010 年 AASHTO 基於負載電阻係數設計 (LRFD) 容許應力設計 (ASD)。NCMA 限於土工合成材料加固段擋土牆 (SRW)。雖然軟體遵循既定的設計程序指引,用戶可以探索設計方案並覆蓋所有的默認值。這樣的探索對新系統開發,以及進行研究時非常有用。

為了更深入和有效的全球分析,MSEW (3.0) 可以使用 ReSSA (2.0) 導出數據文件進行分析。此外,通過一下點擊就可以將MSEW (3.0) 所有的表導出到Excel或打印。使用 MSEW (2.0) 產生的文件也可以使用 MSEW (3.0) 來讀取。並同樣適用於數據庫文件。