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Multisimplex 實驗設計及最佳化軟體​


MultiSimplex 是基於最佳化的實用試驗,再加上您的技能和經驗,讓您優化算法的效率和找到系統化搜索策略,是一個非常強大的工具。該 MultiSimplex 軟件有兩種不同的版本,一個工作站版本,一個 inline 版本。inline 版本可被建造成自動控制和優化等所有的系統、機器或儀器更能。 


MultiSimplex 軟件讓您在一個快速簡便的方法優化幾乎所有的技術體系。從我們的客戶無數的例子說明如何可以為您的公司節省時間、金錢,例如:

  • 削減分析時間高達 50%
  • 提高質量特性 50-100%
  • 貫 通製造提高到 50%
  • 燃燒設施削減環境排放 20-30%


  • 可以同時處理多個優化標準
  • 找到具有最小的實際試驗的最佳條件
  • 實用試驗在改進的方向進行
  • 在工業和科研使用超過30年的方法


  • 基本或修改方法
  • 數字和圖形的評估
  • 易操作混合物的優化
  • 添加即時刪除變量
  • 處理多種類型的優化問題
  • 教程、豐富的 HTML 幫助系統和完整的手冊​​

The optimization with MultiSimplex is based on practical trials that are performed step-by-step. Together with your skill and your experience, the efficient and systematic search strategies of the optimization algorithms form a powerful tool. The MultiSimplex software come in two different versions, one work station version and one inline version. The inline version can be configured to automatically control and optimize almost any system, machine or instrument.

What you can achieve​​

The MultiSimplex software will let you optimize almost any technical system in a quick and easy way. Numerous examples from our customers show how it can save time for you, and money for your company, e.g .:

  • Analytical laboratories have cut analysis time up to 50%.
  • Quality characteristics have improved by 50-100%.
  • Manufacturing through-puts have increased up to 50%.
  • Combustion facilities have cut environmental emissions by 20-30%.

Key benefits​

  • Can simultaneously handle several optimization criteria.
  • Find optimum conditions with a minimum of practical trials.
  • Practical trials are performed in the direction of improvement.
  • Methods used in industry and research for more than 30 years.

Key features​​​

  • Basic or modified simplex methods.
  • Numerical and graphical evaluation.
  • Easy handling of mixture optimization.
  • Add and remove variables "on-the-fly".
  • Handle many types of optimization problems.
  • Tutorials, extensive HTML help system and complete manual.