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​​​​MView 3D 地質模擬軟體​​


A numerical modelling support system designed to process, analyze, and visualize complex geo-scientific data.

mView is a powerful and versatile tool for model development and analysis. This power is built upon a large number of individual tools that individually perform simple tasks, but can be linked to function as very powerful algorithms. It supports all facets of the numeric modelling process. mView is licensed software available from Geofirma. 

MView 3D 是一數值建模支持系統,設計用於處理、分析並視覺化複雜地質科學數據。

MVIEW 是一個強大和靈活的模型開發和分析工具。可以建立大量的地質模型與工具,單獨建立執行簡單的任務,且可以鏈接到強大的算法,支持各個方面數字建模過程。​