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.NET Design Pattern Framework 程式碼編輯工具


Have you ever wondered how useful it would be to have dozens of design pattern source code projects available at your fingertips?

Search engines are just a few clicks away, but the results require you to wade through many pages before you may find your answer -- mostly without meaningful or useful sample code.

Not so with the 69 ready-to-run Design Pattern projects. You will have the following code available at your fingertips.

  • 23 Structural Gang of Four design patterns
  • 23 Real-World Gang of Four design patterns
  • 23 .NET 4.5-Optimized Gang of Four design patterns

A total of 69 design pattern projects -- each clearly named and within easy reach. How easy? Simply create a shortcut to our master .NET Solution on your desktop and you're ready to explore and reference all 69 software solutions. Of course, everything codes with 100% pure source code.

你有沒有想過有多少有用的是有幾十個設計模式源代碼項目可用在你的指尖?搜索引擎只需點擊幾下即可,但結果需要您瀏覽許多網頁,然後才能找到您的答案 - 大多沒有有意義或有用的示例代碼。不過,69個即將運行的設計模式項目並非如此。您將在您的指尖有以下代碼可用。

  • 23四種設計模式的結構性團體
  • 23現實世界的四個設計模式
  • 23 .NET 4.5 - 優化的四個設計模式

共有69個設計模式項目 - 每個項目都清楚命名,並且容易到達。如何容易?只需在桌面上創建我們的主.NET解決方案的快捷方式,您就可以瀏覽和引用所