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NeuralWorks 類神經網路發展系統

NeuralWorks®II  / PLUS 是全功能的、世界標準的、有擴展性的神經網絡開發環境。NeuralWorks®II  / PLUS 中包含針對整個神經網絡的開發和部署過程,包括教程,神經計算,標準和先進的參考手冊,和特定於平台的安裝和用戶指南的使用手冊。

NeuralWorks® Professional II/PLUS is the world standard for full-featured, extensible neural network development environments. The Professional II/PLUS package contains comprehensive documentation that addresses the entire neural network development and deployment process, including a tutorial, a guide to neural computing, standard and advanced reference manuals, and platform-specific installation and user guides.

NeuralWorks Professional II/PLUS includes a proprietary Instanet facility that supports quickly generating a neural network based on one of the standard neural network architectures found in the neural network literature. After a network is created, all parameters associated with it can be directly modified to fine tune the network based on the target domain. Professional II/PLUS also includes features such as performance-based methods to inhibit over-fitting, automatic optimization of hidden layer size and a facility for pruning hidden units, and an Explain facility that identifies which network inputs most influence output.​

In addition to a variety of built-in diagnostic monitoring tools, Professional II/PLUS provides a robust User IO interface through which user-written programs can supply input data to the network and process output from the network.