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NeuroShell 2 類神經網路發展系統

NeuroShell 2 是針對計算機科學教師和學生們的傳統神經網絡的產品。它包含了經典的演算法和流行的結構。

NeuroShell 2 結合了強大的神經網絡結構, Microsoft®Windows的圖形化用戶界面,先進的設施。建議僅供學術用戶使用。

NeuroShell 2 is our legacy neural network product targeted towards computer science instructors and students.  It contains classic algorithms and architectures popular with graduate school professors and computer science students.

NeuroShell 2 combines powerful neural network architectures, a Microsoft® Windows icon driven user interface, sophisticated utilities, and popular options to give users the ultimate neural network experimental environment.  It is recommended for academic users only, or those users who are concerned with classic neural network paradigms like backpropagation.  Users interested in solving real problems should consider the NeuroShell Predictor, NeuroShell Classifier, or the NeuroShell Trader.