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NeuroShell Run-Time Server ​類神經網路發展系統

​​​​NeuroShell Run-Time Server 允許您可以觸發 NeuroShell Predictor 或 NeuroShell Classifier 界面創建的神經網絡,從自己的計算機程式從一個簡單的使用者界面,從 Excel 電子表格,或從網頁 (基於 Windows 的服務器)。這意味著您可以使用新的數據神經網絡模型,而無需使用我們的介面。

The NeuroShell Run-Time Server allows you to fire neural networks created with the NeuroShell Predictor or NeuroShell Classifier from either a simple interface, from your own computer programs, from Excel spreadsheets or from a web page (Windows based servers only).  That means you can use the neural network models with new data without using our interface.

The NeuroShell Run-Time Server has several distinct programs:
  1. Two different NeuroShell Run-Time ActiveX controls (NSRUN.OCX and NSRUN.DLL) - Distributable
  2. NeuroShell Fire program (NSFIRE.EXE) 
  3. NeuroShell Fire Excel Add-in (NSFIRE.XLA) 
  4. NeuroShell Run Excel Add-in (NSRUN.XLA) - Distributable