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NeuroSolutions 類神經網路發展軟體​


NeuroSolutions 是一種易於使用的 Windows 神經網絡軟件。它結合了直觀使用介面和一個易於使用的 Excel 接口,將先進複雜的人工智能和學習算法實現並模組化,以圖標圖形化的的操作介面執行聚類分析、銷售預測、運動預測、醫療分類。 

神經網絡是又長又複雜的數學公式,NeuroSolutions 的目的是使該技術並的輕鬆操作,使它同時適用於新手和有經驗的神經網絡開發人員。 

藉由 NeuroSolutions Excel 界面,它很容易得到您的問題的解答。在 NeuroSolutions Excel 界面提供了一個易於使用和直觀的界面,用戶可以方便地設置一個模擬自動生成,處理和測試多神經網絡,並生成一個易於閱讀的結果,包括表現良好的模型報告。​

NeuroSolutions is an easy-to-use neural network software package for Windows. It combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced artificial intelligence and learning algorithms using intuitive wizards or an easy-to-use Excel™ interface. Perform cluster analysis, sales forecasting, sports predictions, medical classification, and much more with NeuroSolutions. 

How NeuroSolutions Works​​ 

Neural networks are long, complicated mathematical equations and NeuroSolutions is designed to make the technology easy and accessible to both novice and advanced neural network developers.

There are three basic phases in neural network analysis: training the network on your data, testing the network for accuracy and making predictions/classifying from new data. Only the Express Builder in the NeuroSolutions Excel interface can accomplish all of this automatically in one simple step! 

Easy to Use Excel Interface 

With NeuroSolutions Excel interface, it has never been easier to get started quickly in solving your problem. The Excel interface in NeuroSolutions provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users to easily setup a simulation that automatically builds, trains and tests multiple neural network topologies and generates an easy to read report of the results including the best performing model.