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NFrontSecurity Password Filter 密碼過濾器


Are you enforcing a good password policy?

Passwords. Everyone on your corporate network has one. How weak is the weakest password? 

Having a good password policy that is enforced across all users is fundamental to good security practices. You are probably spending money on firewalls, anti-virus, encryption and data leakage products. However, if you are using the built-in Windows Password Policy you might as well burn the money you are spending for all the security software and devices. 

What is nFront Password Filter?

nFront Password Filter is a password policy enforcement tool for Windows Active Directory that allows up to 6 different password policies in the same Windows domain. Each password policy has many granular settings and can be associated with one or more global or universal security groups. nFront Password Filter allows you to strengthen network security by preventing the use of weak, easily hacked passwords.






nFront密碼過濾器是Windows Active Directory的密碼策略強制工具,允許在同一Windows域中最多6個不同的密碼策略。每個密碼策略都有許多精細的設置,可以與一個或多個全局或通用安全組相關聯。 nFront密碼過濾器允許您通過防止使用弱的,容易被駭客入侵的密碼來加強網絡安全。​