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OnePager 專案視覺化軟體​


OnePager Pro: Microsoft Project timeline charts made easy​ 

OnePager Pro is Gantt chart software: a Microsoft Project reporting application that creates timeline charts for presentations to executives, project sponsors, project teams, or the PMO. Whether you need to report on a single project or a multi-project portfolio, OnePager Pro timeline software gives you a dynamic, data-driven look at your projects with all the cosmetic flexibility of PowerPoint. 

OnePager Express: Create Gantt Charts in Excel in minutes 

OnePager Express builds Gantt charts from Excel and timelines from Excel, complete with swimlanes and color-coding. OnePager Express is ideal for simpler Excel Gantt charts that do not require the advanced features of Microsoft Project, or for creating Excel project timeline views using data exported from other project management tools like Primavera P6 or Planview. 

OnePager Pro 是一套製作甘特圖的軟件:用於向高階管理人員、專案發起人、專案團隊等等發表簡報時,無論您需要在一個項目或多個項目組合報告,OnePager Pro timeline software 能夠完美的點綴您的簡報,使您能夠在使用 PowerPoint 時具有極佳的彈性和表現空間。 

從甘特圖到 Excel 時間表,OnePager Express 皆能夠建立完整的時間軸和顏色編碼。 OnePager Express 對於較為簡化的Excel Gantt charts 是很理想的程式,不需要的 Microsoft Project 的先進功能,或創建使用其他的項目管理工具如Primavera P6 的或 Planview。​