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Particleworks 流體計算軟體​​​​​​​


Particleworks is a CFD software based on an advanced numerical method known as the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. The mesh-free nature of MPS allows for robust simulation of free-surface flows at high resolutions, saving the need to generate meshes for the fluid domain. Since its first release in 2009, Particleworks has been introduced to a wide range of industries.

Particleworks enables engineers to model and simulate large-scale problems related to free surface flows integrated with interactions such as fluid-rigid or fluid-powder, dealing with complex boundary geometries.

Splashing and Free-Surface Flow

Since fluid is divided into a set of discrete elements, or particles that are allowed to move freely, large deformation, coalescence and segmentation of fluid, and rapid change of flow are simulated without complicated preparation or meshing in advance.

Flexible fluid-powder/fluid-rigid body Integration

No complicated settings are required for simulating interactions between fluids and powders, or fluids and rigid bodies.

Straightforward Pre-processing with No Mesh Generation Required

Particleworks provides direct file import from CAD software to reduce costs associated with mesh generation that is required for conventional CFD software.

Multi-core CPU and GPU computing supported

Particleworks supports multi-core CPU computing (OpenMP and MPI), GPU computing using GPU boards, and multi-GPU computing, taking advantage of parallelization to shorten calculations and handle large-scale computing. Particleworks can run on NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs, giving it overwhelming performance gains in all simulation environments, from desktop PCs to large-scale servers.

Software reflects latest research results

Particleworks' design and development are based on the latest research results by Dr Seiichi Koshizuka̶professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo; developer of the MPS method; and founder/director of Prometech Software, Inc. Particleworks is continually gaining new simulation analysis skills throughout development from companies and university laboratories across Japan.

Particleworks是套基於粒子模擬 (MPS) 方法的先進數值分析的  CFD軟件。MPS 的無網格性質允許在高分辨率流下做自由表面的精細模擬,節省了生成流體域網格的需求。自2009年發布後,Particleworks 已廣泛的被各相關行業使用。

Particleworks 使工程師能夠建模和仿真自由表面的相互作用、流體剛體或液體粉末整合模擬分析,可以處理複雜的大規模問題。






Particleworks 提供直接的文件導入,並可透過  CAD軟件來降低傳統 CFD 軟件網格生成的相關成本。

多核 CPU 和 GPU 計算的支持

​Particleworks 支持多核 CPU 運算 (OpenMP和MPI)、GPU 計算 GPU 使用板和多 GPU 的計算,以並行的優勢,縮短了計算和處理大型計算。 Particleworks 可以在基於 CUDA的NVIDIA GPU 上運行,在所有的模擬環境提供壓倒性的性能提升。