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​​PCTeX 學術文章排版軟體


Package Options Wizard * Professional Only *

The Package Options Wizard displays a list of all available LaTeX packages. These may be sorted by Name, Title, or Category. Once a package has been selected, the Package Options Wizard will allow configuration of all available options.

Graphics Wizard * Professional Only *

The Graphics Wizard allows easy sizing and placement of graphics images into your documents. Choose Insert Graphic and the wizard will allow you to configure your graphics and the wizard will add the necessary graphics commands and parameters to the preamble. The Graphics Wizard will also automatically convert graphics files to the formats needed for regular TeX output or for PDF output.

Language Wizard

The Language Wizard will select languages to be used in your documents, and the appropriate hyphenation patterns will be installed in the LaTeX format. The spell check word list for that language will be used in the editor as well.

LaTeX Command Completion

When you begin typing, PCTeX will complete recognized LaTeX commands automatically. If there is more than one command that starts with the same characters, you will be presented with a dropdown list of commands.