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PeakFit 頻譜分析軟體

​PeakFit 使用三個程序自動分析隱藏峰值;而每個皆是強大的解決方案,可以透過三個程序互相協助產生更精確的結果。
  • 殘差程序首先由一個平滑的數據流中尋找局部極大宿峰。然後隱峰任意地加入至殘差高峰。
  • Deconvolution procedure 使用了傅立葉去卷積/濾波算法高斯響應函數。

PeakFit uses three procedures to automatically place hidden peaks; while each is a strong solution, one method may work better with some data sets than the others.

  • The Residuals procedure initially places peaks by finding local maxima in a smoothed data stream. Hidden peaks are then optionally added where peaks in the residuals occur.
  • The Second Derivative procedure se​arches for local minima within a smoothed second derivative data stream. These local minima often reveal hidden peaks.
  • The Deconvolution procedure uses a Gaussian response function with a Fourier deconvolution/ filtering algorithm. A successfully deconvolved spec-trum will consist of "sharpened" peaks of equivalent area. The goal is to enhance the hidden peaks so that each represents a local maximum.