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​​​​Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works 地質教學​​​


Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works, version 2.1, is designed to aid advanced students in the geological sciences in visualizing and learning about processes within Earth and how these processes are related to plate tectonics. This interactive program includes a chapter entitled "Crustal and Mantle Evolution" which delves into the origin and evolution of continents and the early history of the Earth. Using animations, interactive diagrams, and color photos, new and exciting developments are reviewed relating to plate reconstructions in the past, hotspots, mantle plumes, seismic discontinuities in the mantle, and supercontinent cycles. Also included is a graphic portrayal of the crust (both oceanic and continental), mantle, and core, as well as recent ideas as to how Earth systems interact with each other. In addition, the student can examine each of the major tectonic settings on Earth as well as track these settings into the past, some as far back as 4 Ga.

Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works2.1 版,幫助地質科學學生觀察和了解地球內部的流程和這些過程與板塊構造的關聯。為一互動式的教學軟體,例如其中一章 "Crustal and Mantle Evolution" 深入探討的大陸起源和地球的早期歷史。使用動畫、交互圖和彩色照片,令人興奮的動畫發展讓您瞭解板塊的過去、熱點、地幔柱、地震和超級大陸循環。引進地殼 (包括海洋和大陸) 的地幔和內核相關的最新研究,並以圖形說明地球系統是如何交互影響。此外,學生可以檢查每一個地球上的主要構造設置以及追蹤這些變化。​