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PLAXIS 2D & 3D地理地質工程軟體​


PLAXIS 3D is a finite element package intended for three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. It is equipped with features to deal with various aspects of complex geotechnical structures and construction processes using robust and theoretically sound computational procedures.

With PLAXIS 3D, complex geometry of soil and structures can be defined in two different modes. These modes are specifically defined for Soil or Structural modelling. Independent solid models can automatically be intersected and meshed.

The staged constructions mode enables a realistic simulation of construction and excavation processes by activating and deactivating soil volume clusters and structural objects, application of loads, changing of water tables, etc.

The output consists of a full suite of visualization tools to check details of the complex inner structure of a full 3D underground soil-structure model.

PLAXIS 3D is a user friendly 3d geotechnical program offering flexible and interoperable geometry, realistic simulation of construction stages, a robust and reliable calculation kernel, and comprehensive and detailed post-processing, making it a complete solution for your daily geotechnical design and analysis.


PLAXIS 3D 是用於岩土工程變形和穩定性的三維分析有限軟體。它可強大的處理複雜地質結構和施工過程的各個方面和理論上的計算。

與 PLAXIS 3D,土壤和結構的複雜幾何形狀可在兩種不同的模式來定義。這些模式是專門為土壤或結構建模定義。獨立的實體模型可以自動交叉計算。



PLAXIS 3D 提供友好的用戶讓您在做三維土木方案模擬時,提供靈活的操作,強大可靠的計算以及全面而細緻的後處理的逼真模擬,使之成為您的日常岩土工程設計和分析的完整解決方案。​