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PowerFactory 電力分析軟體


DIgSILENT has set standards and trends in power system modelling, analysis and simulation for more than 25 years. The proven advantages of the PowerFactory software are its overall functional integration, its applicability to the modelling of generation-, transmission-, distribution- and industrial grids, and the analysis of these grids' interactions. With the version PowerFactory 2016, DIgSILENT presents a further step towards seamless integration of functionality and data management within a multi-user environment. 

DIgSILENT PowerFactory is the most economical solution, as data handling, modelling capabilities and overall functionality replace a set of other software systems, thereby minimising project execution costs and training requirements. The all-in-one PowerFactory solution promotes highly-optimised workflow. DIgSILENT PowerFactory is easy to use and caters for all standard power system analysis needs, including high-end applications in new technologies such as wind power and distributed generation and the handling of very large power systems. In addition to the stand-alone solution, the PowerFactory engine can be smoothly integrated into GIS, DMS and EMS supporting open system standards.

DIgSILENT 致力於電力系統的建模、分析與仿真。PowerFactory 軟件是過去所有相關產品優點與功能的集合,適用於工業網格的建模,以及網格相互作用的分析。DIgSILENT 也不斷在用戶環境和數據管理作出改善。 

DIgSILENT PowerFactory 是最經濟的解決方案,能快速地做數據處理、有高超的建模能力、整合多項功能的軟件系統,最大地減少項目的執行成本和使用相關知識要求。DIgSILENT PowerFactory 也很容易使用,適合於所有標準的電源系統分析需求,包括新技術,如:風力發電、分佈式發電和大型電力系統的處理高端應用。除了獨立的解決方案,PowerFactory 能夠順利地整合 GIS、DMS 和 EMS。