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​PowerTCP for .NET Suite 網路傳輸軟體​


The PowerTCP .NET Suite Subscription bundles all PowerTCP for .NET products into one great package. Designed to be indispensable members of your toolkit, each product will help you create a professional application on time and under budget.

  • One development license for each PowerTCP for .NET and .NET CF product
  • One full year of Subscription Support
  • Maintenance updates
  • Product upgrades
  • Email support
  • Interactive access
  • Limited ananysis of source code utilizing Dart classes

訂閱PowerTCP .NET Suite將所有PowerTCP for .NET產品捆綁到一個偉大的軟體套裝中。每個產品將幫助您按時和低預算創建專業應用程式,並成為您的工具包中不可或缺的成員。
  • 每個PowerTCP for .NET和.NET CF產品的一個開發許可證
  • 一年的訂閱支持
  • 維護更新
  • 產品升級
  • 電子郵件支持
  • 互動訪問
  • 有限的源代碼利用Dart類​