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Premium Solver Pro 高等規劃求解軟體


​​Premium Solver Pro 是 100% 向上相容的 – 是 Frontline Systems' 為 Microsoft 開發以解決更大的問題的能力 – 可以處理高達 2,000 個變量 – 處理速度 3 到 100 倍,比 Standard 版本的速度更快。而且它是可以升級到 Premium Solver™ 和 Risk Solver™ (平台版本)。

Premium Solver™ (Pro version) is Frontline Systems' basic upgrade for the standard Excel Solver.  It's 100% upwardly compatible from the standard Solver -- which Frontline developed for Microsoft -- with the capacity to solve much larger problems -- up to 2,000 variables -- at speeds anywhere from three to 100 times faster than the standard Solver.  And it's upgradeable to Premium Solver™ and Risk Solver™ (Platform versions).  It offers an all-new user interface that uses Excel's Ribbon and Task Pane for easier, faster model definition, plus the classic Solver Parameters dialog; new model diagnosis features and Guided Mode; new features to visualizelinear and nonlinear functions; and new ways to solve multiple, parameterized optimizations.