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ProEssentials 圖表製作工具​​​


ProEssentials 可用於工程、製造、金融和處理大數據集的主要製圖軟件工具,由於 ProEssentials 出眾的速度,功能數量,並注意渲染和終端用戶細節,使他更值得被使用,特別針對財金、股票、外匯等金融市場。

ProEssentials 有助您製作最清晰的圖表,並擁有許多演算法最佳化的工具,並有多種常用圖表等關鍵工具,並針對金融市場設計出彈性的功能設計,並且符合市場標準,不論是基本的或是複雜的交易都能夠透過此軟體做出良好的數據極凍應的繪圖。​​

ProEssentials is accepted as the leading charting software development tool for engineering, manufacturing, financial, and handling larger data-sets due to ProEssentials' superior speed, quantity of features, and attention to rendering and end-user detail. 

ProEssentials is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2013 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2003, and 2002, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0 and Delphi/Builder. 

This product is a one-time purchase and then delivers the latest .NET (Windows Forms, WPF), ASP.NET (Web Forms), ActiveX, DLL, and VCL interfaces, new releases, updates, improvements, and phone/email/online support. So when purchasing Gigasoft ProEssentials, you will get access to all updates and upgrades until we stop supporting changes/improvements (many years). New major versions usually show every 3 years. We still support changes in v6, and provide technical support for any customer, no matter how long they've used ProEssentials. 

Client side deployment is Royalty Free. For web development, the ProEssentials product allows for placing ProEssentials' redistributables on one production server, one test server, and one development server. 

Electronic documentation is available on the web at as well as locally on your development system. Chapter 1 is the product overview that will bridge the gap between this content and the actual programming reference. Walk-Throughs included and are easier to study as you can hyper link to related content. There are plenty of examples showing how features are used in conjunction to produce highly interactive and quality data visualization. 

Check it out at The Pie Chart offers three algorithms to prevent text from overlapping. Run our demo, look at example 030 (the default example), right click it and customize it by removing data shadows. Then zoom in on about 60 candlesticks. Next size the MDI child downward slowly. You'll see five different drawing algorithms as the chart is reduced in size until a candlestick is represented with a one pixel wide vertical line. It's this attention to detail and other similar logic which proves ProEssentials to be the best image producer in the market.