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Promodel 模擬分析軟體


ProModel 是一套功能相當強且容易使用的資料及圖型導向系統模擬軟體,它可以構造多種生產、物流和服務系統模型,是美國和歐洲使用廣泛的模擬系統之一。

ProModel 基於 Windows 操作系統、採用圖形化用戶界面,並向用戶提供人性化的操作環境。ProModel 提供二維和 3D 建模及動態仿真環境場景。用戶根據需求,利用鍵盤或鼠標選擇所需的建模元素,就可以建立仿真模型。

在定義系統的輸入輸出、作業流程和運行邏輯時,ProModel 提供了多種手段,既可以借助參數或利用條件變量進行彈性調整,也可以利用程序語言實現控制,從而改變系統的設置和運行邏輯。對製造和物流系統的人員、機器、物料、夾具、機器手、輸送帶等動態建模元素,可以設定元素的速度、加速度、容量、運作順序、方向等屬性。

在規劃設定好系統後,於模擬執行前,ProModel 會先行測試系統,檢查各相關工作站輸入、輸出是否平衡。假如有忘記設定的容量、速度等,系統都能自動幫使用者假設並詢問意見,如果不滿意可以再修改。真正在模擬的時候又可隨時觀察各資源 (Resource) 使用情形。使用者可追蹤系統運作流程,隨時中斷模擬,並藉系統模擬後,所產生的運作過程統計資料,統計各工作站、資源使用率等。此外 ProModel 也提供簡單且易讀的統計圖、統計報表檔,因而可方便的了解全部資料利用的情形。

一些常見的 ProModel 應用包括: 

  1. 產能規劃 
  2. 瓶頸分析 
  3. 廠房佈置規劃 
  4. 生產排程 
  5. 〝日本JIT〞系統規劃 
  6. 生產週期分析 
此外 ProModel 又可讓設計者藉調整工作站數量、速度、輸入方式、輸出方式 (如:批次),以作整體系統的各種可能狀況下的評估,以作為將來真正建造設計時的參考,使用及分析彈性相當寬廣。

Think of your facility as a collection of resources that are intended to function together cost-effectively. Each person and piece of equipment is related to every other component (by coincidence or convenience). Together, they define how your facility works. Now, what if you could disassemble all or part of your facility and reconfigure the pieces to find ways to run the entire system more efficiently? What if you could actually see which new configurations work best and which ones fail, by watching them for a week, month or year? ProModel lets you do just that. Forget risk, disruption and expense—test multiple alternatives in an amazingly short time.

The ProModel Methodology:
  • Visualize

    Create a dynamic, animated computer model of your business environment from CAD files, process or value stream maps, or Process Simulator models. Clearly see and understand current processes and policies in action.
  • Analyze

    Brainstorm using the model to identify potential changes and develop scenarios to test improvements which will achieve business objectives. Run scenarios independently of each other and compare their results in the Output Viewer developed through the latest Microsoft® WPF technology.
  • Optimize

    Immediately test the impact of changes on current and future operations, risk free, with predictive scenario comparisons. Determine optimal business performance with a high probability of meeting your business goals.
  • The ProModel Advantage

    ProModel provides decision makers the opportunity to test new ideas for process and system design or improvement before committing the time and resources necessary to build or alter the actual system.

ProModel focuses on issues such as:

  • Resource Utilization
  • System Capacity
  • Process Improvement
  • Throughput and Bottleneck Analysis
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Customer Service Levels​
By modeling the important elements of a manufacturing, logistics or service system, leaders can experiment with different operating strategies and designs to achieve optimal performance for their organizations.