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​​QFD / CAPTURE 決策分析軟體

QFD 最近看到普遍的回升可能是由於新的興趣在運用六西格瑪設計和所必需的成功實施 QFD 的主要屬性的重新發現。 QFD被看作是總體規劃和實施過程中的一個重要組成部分,以及對推動者設計的六西格瑪 CPM(關鍵參數管理)的過程。

QFD has recently seen an upswing in popularity which may be attributed to renewed interest in applying Design for Six Sigma and a rediscovery of the key attributes necessary for successful implementation of QFD. 

QFD is being seen as an integral part of the overall planning and implementation process as well as the enabler for the CPM (critical parameter management) process of Design for Six Sigma. 

Many companies have tried to implement QFD in the past and for different reasons became discouraged. They either abandoned QFD altogether or reduced its role to that of a data documentation tool instead of the proactive planning tool it was meant to be.