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QFD Designer 品質控管軟體


QFD Designer 是一種系統化的發展產品,可確保您的產品及服務合乎客戶的需求,幫助你提高滿意度,並獲得市場成功。QFD Designer 具有動態且實際的效果,簡化及減少工程設計及製造上的變化,以縮短商品化的時間。

最好用的 QFD

  • 創造無限的矩陣佈局與自定義計算
  • 超過 20 個模板。建立新的可重複使用的模板
  • 圖表的作品無需列表。
  • 導入自定義的圖形 (BMP)
  • 項目視覺化顯示包括與圖表的聯繫,清晰可見多個圖表
  • 排序要求
  • 可以自動轉移的圖表
  • 高優先與精確的報告
  • 標杆分析自動找到改進的方案。
  • 拖放建立需求層次​


  • 保持顧客聲音的記錄
  • 保持關鍵的設計要求 (CTQs),他們對客戶需求關係的記錄,
  • 記錄有競爭力的基準數據
  • 在你的設計記錄目標值
使 VOC 可操作
  • 手動或使用 IDEACore 在線 WebMine 測量師收集的 VOC
  • 輸入到 QFD 的設計
  • idea 成功因素並對 VOC 進行排名
  • 查看最高優先撞擊


  • 團隊成員一起工作,完成項目的矩陣獲得的項目目標和任務更深入的了解。
  • 它可以由圖表區域的任意組合。縮小問題,並劃分任務。
  • 添加視頻和音頻剪輯的更深入的了解...
  • Applinks可以啟動任何輔助軟件,從圖表中 (例如Excel,CAD / CAM,Minitab 中,字等)。  
  • 添加 Internet / Intranet 超鏈接​

The Global Standard . . .

Why have thousands of users in so many Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide standardized on QFD Designer since 1990? 
Why have so many switched to QFD Designer after wasting countless hours trying to "tweak" Excel or other software?

It is So Easy to Use

It not only helps you do QFD faster and better, you can use if for any business improvement task requiring "many to many" comparisons.  Here are a few examples from an endless list of uses:
  • ​Choosing a supplier
  • Prioritizing a task list
  • Designing a website
  • Setting up your company's marketing plan
  • Designing a better service or product​
It was the world's first Windows application for QFD, regarded by many to be the simplest to learn and use.  But, the simplicity is not at the expense of power, it is very robust.  You can build all the charts and reports you need to practice QFD successfully in one package.

QFD translator Glenn Mazur says: "QFD Designer integrates many modern hyperlink and web features, nicely thought out. "

It will help you translate customer needs into surefire winning designs

Competing products force you to work in a series of text lists. Not here! You work right on the chart. Make a change and your chart updates immediately. Change a customer importance value for a marketplace need and see the effect in real-time.  Built-in formulas quickly recalculate and redraw the Pareto bar chart designating the most critical priorities you need to focus on to achieve success.  No other product, even requirements management and project management tools, allow you to map out project priorities so clearly. 

WEBMine's Natural Companion

If you want the ultimate in streamlined Voice of Customer gathering, pair QFD Designer with WEBMine online.  Voice of Customer data gathered using WEBMine becomes the input to your QFD studies.  WEBMine allows you to assemble and rank the needs of your target audience quickly.  You leverage the reach of the web to assemble project goals or marketplace needs from the types of people (or the actual people) in the target population.  While we still advocate in-person customer interaction, compiling the inputs for QFD with WebMine costs just a fraction of in-person meetings so it serves as a great supplement to your GEMBA research.  If you opt for the Catalyst Suite, you get WEBMine with QFD Designer, with TRIZContrasolve too!

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) or any other business improvement task requiring “many to many” comparisons is a breeze with QFD Designer. It will help you improve satisfaction and gain market success.

​Templates include:

  • Strategic Planning - Hoshin
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Project Feasibility and Resource Allocation
  • Voice of Customer Tables
  • QFD, House of Quality, 4-phases
  • Six Sigma - DMAIC and DFSS
  • Failure Analysis - FMEA
  • Design Tradeoffs - TRIZ Problem Solver​