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RenderMan Studio 動畫軟體​​​​​



在過去 25 年的 RenderMan 一直在視覺效果革命的最前端,今天的 RenderMan 是專為解決最複雜的 3D 場景所設計的。並有最先進的物理模擬射線追蹤,且 RenderMan 的生產更是無與倫比的靈活。

RenderMan 可以做出真實的 3D 場景,典型地由一個插件生成一個內容創建應用例如 Autodesk Maya 中產生高質量的 2D 圖像系統。場景描述通過 RenderMan 的接口創建,並且通常由幾何形狀來描述,如:茶壺、外星人和球等,並描述幾何應該如何創造陰影,如:玻璃、木材以及皮膚引用、光源,並模擬相機的規範。

場景描述也可以指定為輸出圖像的目的地,以及用於控制系統的操作參數,場景不必使用編輯器就能輕易讀取創建。提供了藝術家友好和高效的工作流程和創建內容應用程序的插件。 RenderMan 中的一系列插件可以讓藝術家專注於創作,而不是技術細節。

Pixar's Core Rendering Technology

For over twenty-five years RenderMan has been at the forefront of the visual effects revolution, and today RenderMan is a high performance renderer built to tackle the most complicated 3D scenes imaginable. With the new state-of-the-art ray tracing framework optimized for physically-based rendering, RenderMan can deliver unmatched flexibility for any production pipeline.

About RenderMan Pro Server

PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRMan) is a rendering system that generates high-quality 2D images from 3D scene-description information, typically generated by a plugin to a content creation application such as Autodesk Maya. Scene descriptions are created through the RenderMan Interface and are typically comprised of:

  • a description of the geometry present in the scene like teapots, aliens, and spheres,
  • references to functions that describe how the geometry should be shaded creating things like glass, wood, and skin,
  • specifications of light sources (type, position, and orientation), and
  • a specification of the virtual camera through which the resultant picture is to be rendered.

The scene description may also specify the destination for the output image (e.g., a file or a frame buffer), as well as miscellaneous parameters that control the operation of the rendering system: how much effort to devote to avoiding aliasing, for instance.

Scenes need not be created by hand using an editor although they can be readable by humans. Plugins are provided for popular content creation applications for an artist-friendly and efficient workflow. RenderMan's suite of plugins allows an artist to focus on creation rather than technical details. The documentation for RenderMan covers many of these features and workflows in the form of tutorials and explanations and is ever expanding.