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Risk Solver Platform 風險求解軟體


​​Risk Solver™ (Platform version) 是迄今為止最強大的風險分析工具,模擬和優化在 Excel 中。它包括 Risk Solver™ (Pro version) 進行風險分析和蒙特卡羅模擬自動尋找穩健的最優決策的所有功能,也包括了 Premium Solver™ (Platform version) 的所有優化功能,以及新功能優化方法。

Risk Solver™ (Platform version) is by far the most powerful tool for risk analysis, simulation and optimization in Excel.  It includes all the capabilities of Risk Solver™ (Pro version) for risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, all the capabilities of Premium Solver™ (Platform version) for optimization, and new capabilities for finding robust optimal decisions automatically, using stochastic programming and robust optimization methods -- not available anywhere else.  With its new user interface that uses Excel's Ribbon and Task Pane plus Guided Mode for selecting methods and options, it's by far the easiest way to build models and get results for critical planning decisions -- especially those that involve uncertainty.